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Lilly & Lolly - inspirational furniture for your children

Reader beware! This article is about to take you to a website that will keep you scrolling for hours!

Lilly & Lolly is a Sydney-based store dedicated to making the bedroom of your child – whether toddler or teen – a sanctuary that will be the envy of their friends. Stock up on the snacks, because yours is the home that all their friends will want to visit to dive into the serenity of the haven you have created.

Megan Butler, owner and director of Lilly & Lolly, is passionate about offering furniture that combines style and strength and that is built to last – not only structurally but through the lifetime of your child. Made in Australia, Lilly & Lolly furniture never fails to delight and surprise with its weight and strength – qualities that are backed by a 10 year warranty.

The furniture is designed with safety in mind, such as curved edges and holes to keep little fingers and toes safe. And the personality of every child is catered to, from the sweet floral Peony bedhead to the funky Scoop design and minimalist Scout theme (with trundle bed for when that play date turns into a sleepover).

Bunk bed for children

Lilly & Lolly furniture arrives assembled – no allen key required! It is made with such integrity that it will not deteriorate, even when transferred from one home to another. It will arrive as intact as it left the previous home. Investment in Lilly & Lolly products pays in the long run, as the family that is choosing Lilly & Lolly furniture is buying classic base pieces that can be dressed to suit the child’s age with the replacement of inexpensive items like artwork, bedding, rugs and lighting. No need to replace beds that seem suddenly too small, or furniture that is styled too young for a teen, or items that have deteriorated over time. This can be a huge cost saving to the discerning parents over their child’s time in the family home. In addition, when children fly the coop and their parent sell Lilly & Lolly products to another young family, the resale value is usually high.

kids room desk & chair

Buy once, buy well.

As well as seemingly endless design inspiration ideas on their website, Lilly & Lolly can work with you to style your space to suit you and your child’s lifestyle. Before you invest, Lilly & Lolly takes the risk out of your purchase with the offer of interior style services. Time-poor families can achieve their dream bedroom, study or play area by utilising one of two free design services, which includes advice over the phone, online or in-store, swatches and samples to take home and play around with, digital design board, colour schemes. On-site advice is also available for a fee.

The photos speak for themselves, but for more design inspiration visit

But remember the original warning – make sure you are armed with a cup of coffee and a biscuit or two because you will spend the next hour or so of your life fanning over the gorgeous themes and stunning pieces that fill every page.


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