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Sky is literally the limit for new Queensland residential community

A ground breaking new residential community situated in Queensland’s Fraser Coast region is setting a very high bar when it comes to amenities, with the estate providing its aviation loving residents access to their very own private airstrip.

Officially launched today by Fraser Coast Regional Council Mayor, Cr George Seymour, the Aquila Estate & Flying Club is a $65 million development with the formal title of an ‘airpark,’ located 15 minutes from the town of Maryborough, giving homeowners their very own 850 metre asphalt runway, access to ‘open’ airspace, shared hangars and targeted towards the 16,000 private owners across Australia of light-aircraft and helicopters.

Aquila Estate Flying club house photo

For the consortia behind the project, VRF Developments this gated master-planned community with architecturally designed properties, represents a long-held dream to bring the highly popular American concept of an airpark to the Australian market. According to VRF Developments spokesperson Justin Miller, the Aquila Estate & Flying Club will showcase to the Australian market what the airpark concept can look like when brought to life with a key focus on build-quality and bespoke amenities for residents – pilots and non-pilots alike.

“Our focus with the Aquila Estate & Flying Club is to bring to the Australian market a benchmark project when it comes to the concept of an airpark that is comparable to what are considered the market leading sites in the United States; with the goal being to show what can be achieved from a design and lifestyle perspective,” Mr Miller said. “We project that only 40 per cent of residents will be pilots with access to their own personal plane or helicopters, however the lifestyle, location and amenities on offer will be attractive to all buyers whether they intend to live there permanently or have it as a holiday home.

What makes it even more thrilling for us is the fact that our project is situated so close to Hervey Bay, providing residents access to the incredible natural amenities close by including K’Gari/Fraser Island.” Aquila Estate & Flying Club, situated at 45 Watson Road, Yengarie Queensland features 62 blocks with land sizes ranging from 2,400m2 through to 4,000m2, spread over 50 hectares, with architecturally designed homes, a fully equipped clubhouse along with shared use hangars.

13 sites have already sold, with prices for land starting from $315,000, with the estate having building governance around what you can or cannot build, to protect the value of the homes and the overall estate by ensuring high-quality design and building standards are maintained. To accommodate residents only daytime flying is permitted at its location, which was selected due to the fact that it is one of the few locations on the East Coast uninterrupted by controlled airspace, meaning pilots are able ty fly without going into controlled airspace – meaning no clearance is required prior to embarking on a flight.

For Justin Miller, today’s official launch means that the a long-held vision of the development consortia is one-step closer to coming to life, with the key partners being aviation enthusiasts outside of their roles in property. “Today moves us one step closer of bringing our vision to life to show how, with the right level of planning we put the runway as the centrepiece of the estate – while also showcasing that there is a market in Australia for this type of development,” said Mr Miller.


Aquila Estate & Flying Club is located 45 Watson Road, Yengarie Queensland 4650. Strictly limited to only 62 blocks carefully positioned in harmony with a communal clubhouse, asphalt runway and over 50ha of protected forest. Land sizes range from 2400m2 to the grander 4000m2 ensuring total privacy and tranquillity for all residents. Residents have free access to the Estates own nature walks and mountain bike trails with direct links to the well-known Ferguson State Forest walking and biking trails with an abundance of wildlife. The beautiful architectural and landscaping design intent is protected by the estates covenants, put in place to protect and grow property investment capital gains. Aquila Estate and Flying Club has a field elevation of 150 feet located only 6NM from Maryborough and 21NM from Hervey Bay.


Aquila has two runways. Runway 05/23 has an 800m beautifully designed all-weather asphalt paved surface, and runway 09/27 offers a grassed surface. There is also an onsite fuel pump for flyers to access. Aquila shares CTAF 126.55 with Maryborough and Hervey Bay airports. Aerodrome information can be found on OzRunways and AvPlan. Your Aquila Club Card allows easy access to the fuel bowser located at the maintenance hangar. To learn more, visit

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