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Reno Queen acquires one of Sydney's smallest apartments

In a move that has many wondering, Cherie Barber, publicly known as Australia's'

"Reno Queen", has acquired one of Sydney's smallest apartments.

Located in the prestigious inner-city suburb of Balmain and just metres from harbourside parks and ferry, Barber has acquired an 18 square metre studio apartment for just $260,000, a testament to her keen eye for potential, even in the most compact of spaces.

The Balmain studio, nestled in one of Sydney’s most desirable harbourside locations, is set to undergo a complete transformation in just five days under Barber\'s experienced hands.

Known for her ability to add value through smart renovations, Barber\'s latest project aims to inspire many on space utilisation and interior efficiency.

Sydney apartment with stairs leading to a small loft

“With housing affordability a national crisis, and #interest rates increasing, tiny home living offers people an easier pathway to a debt-free lifestyle.

“Socially, there’s a growing movement towards minimalism and simplifying life, with people seeking to declutter their lives and reduce their footprint. I’m excited to share my latest project with others so they can do just that” said Barber.

Floor plan of a loft studio apartment in Balmain

As a TV renovator for almost two decades, Barber has a proven track record of turning the ordinary into the extraordinary on everyday budgets, with many buzzing with anticipation for the completion of this project.

Studio apartment lounge with kitchen and tiny lounge

Cherie’s latest venture is expected to draw significant attention from the public. She plans to renovate and film the entire transformation in early April 2024 with plans to release the footage on her popular social media accounts and to her Renovating For Profit national community shortly thereafter.

Cherie Barber sitting on a high stool with a checked shirt & jeans

For more information about Cherie Barber, visit or follow

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