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In A First For Australia. Art, Real Estate & The Digital Age are now as One

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA – A landmark property at 187 Bruce Street, The Junction is set to rewrite history. In an unprecedented move, the property owner is set to become the first in Australia to include an insured Non-Fungible Token (NFT) artwork in the sales contract, heralding a new age in the real estate and digital art markets.

Back yard of a house with a long swimming pool

This avant-garde initiative involves the conversion of a physical artwork, valued at approximately $30,000 to $40,000, into an NFT. This digital transformation is backed by Qorra, a pioneering force in the field of NFT insurance, signifying a secure step towards integrating digital assets into traditional transactions.

The original artwork, a significant feature of the home, will accompany the sale. However, should the new owner choose to dispose of it, the insured NFT token will ascend as the primary asset.

This presents buyers with a unique, safe investment opportunity in a tokenized art piece thanks to Qorra\'s innovative insurance framework.

Renowned local artist Brett McMahon, celebrated for his work in the new Newcastle courthouse, is the creator of the remarkable artwork. McMahon has endorsed the conversion of his commissioned piece into an insured NFT token, adding even more uniqueness to this trailblazing sale.

This ground-breaking endeavour opens the door for possibilities such as fractional purchases, image licensing, and potential increase in value due to the inherent scarcity associated with NFTs, all safeguarded by Qorra\'s protective umbrella.

Huge piece of black art on a wall by Brett McMahon

The transaction is expected to spark significant interest and set the trend for art & real estate.

To experience the future of real estate transactions where the physical and digital worlds blend seamlessly under the assurance of Qorra\'s pioneering NFT insurance solution, contact Adam Mazzocchetti of Qorra. Adam can assist & discuss the transforming of significant art, into this radical fusion of real estate, art, and insured NFTs.

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