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LidStop, the ultimate Wheelie bin attachment

LidStop, the ultimate Wheelie bin attachment, is revolutionising waste management by addressing multiple challenges with a single, ingenious solution.

This innovative product prevents bin lid flip-backs, ensuring automatic closure post garbage truck emptying and setting the bin securely back on solid ground. Benefits: LidStop adds crucial resistance to the bin lid, effectively countering challenges posed by Birds and Wind. Its automatic lid closure not only resolves lid flip back issues but also tackles rainwater filling, minimises water runoff contamination, reduces litter, eliminates odours, and prevents bin damage.

Over-filled Bins: In situations where bins are overfilled and cannot be locked, birds often take advantage, causing chaos by flipping lids and scattering garbage. LidStop transforms this scenario by providing resistance against lid flip-backs, making it challenging for birds to pry them open. Additionally, the product adds downward pressure, preventing rubbish from escaping during windy conditions.

Features: Easy Attachment: LidStop effortlessly attaches to the handle of your Wheelie bin. Flexibility: Designed to flex, LidStop provides a simple and cost-effective solution. Durability: UV protected and unbreakable, LidStop requires no tools and has no moving parts. Bird-Proof: Birds lack the strength to remove LidStop, ensuring its effectiveness. Hassle-Free Alternative to Locks: LidStop transcends traditional locks by offering a Set and Forget solution. With no need to remember to engage a lock, it outsmarts clever birds, making waste management hassle-free.

Easy Maintenance: LidStop's flex and expand design allows seamless bin emptying without any hindrances. It's a set-and-forget product that remains in place, requiring removal only for easy unclipping during bin cleaning.

LidStop is not just a product; it's a comprehensive solution to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of Wheelie bin management.

Experience a new era in waste management with LidStop!

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