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Urban Green Farms Redefines Urban Agriculture with the Launch of Urban Vertical Gardens

Urban Green Farms, an industry leader in sustainable urban agriculture, is thrilled to announce the introduction of its revolutionary Urban Vertical Gardens. This ground breaking initiative comes as a result of Urban Green Farms\' strategic acquisition of Virid Vertical Gardens, positioning the company at the forefront of innovation in urban farming and ecological practices.

Urban Vertical Gardens represents an extraordinary leap forward in urban agriculture, incorporating state-of-the-art methodologies such as hydroponics, aquaponics, vertical farming, and regenerative agriculture. These advanced techniques not only ensure the cultivation of premium-quality food but also contribute to resource efficiency and a reduced environmental footprint.

Of particular note is Urban Green Farms\' commitment to education and community involvement. Central to the facility will be an integrated educational centre designed for schools, providing students with an interactive platform to learn about sustainable farming, food systems, and environmental stewardship. Moreover, in collaboration with local communities, Urban Green Farms is introducing hyper-local live food aisles, offering immediate access to fresh, locally-cultivated plants.

dog walking on a deck with a wall off garden

To celebrate this momentous occasion, Urban Green Farms invites the public to join them for a special grand opening event and plant sale, scheduled for the weekend of September 2nd. The event will take place at their expansive six-acre glasshouse facility located at 242 Clarinda Road, Heatherton with over 32,000 plants to clear.

\"We are immensely excited about the launch of Urban Vertical Gardens. It signifies a significant stride towards reshaping urban plant cultivation. Our mission has always been to bring sustainable, locally-grown plants and produce closer to people, and Urban Vertical Gardens perfectly encapsulates that vision,\" expresses Andrew Meseha CEO of Urban Green Farms.

This landmark event marks a pivotal juncture in Urban Green Farms\' unwavering commitment to fostering a more sustainable and greener future for urban communities. By merging innovative technologies, community engagement, and educational initiatives, they underscore their dedication to revolutionizing the way urban agriculture is perceived.

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