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BCOMPACT – create space & acquire a piece of art at the same time.

How often can you say that an item in your house is practical, beautiful, unique and serves a much-needed purpose & displays a great piece of engineering, that deserves to be framed.

Well, BCOMPACT is just that. Their uniquely designed staircase/ ladder is beautifully made and works like a dream.

It is aesthetically pleasing and solves the problem of access to attic rooms, bunk beds, loft spaces, tiny house upper levels & more.

The stairs are sturdy and fold away to sit on your wall like a piece of Swedish art gallery installation.

Made from bamboo and seamlessly blending into your home, they are a fantastic way to resolve tricky limited space issues.

The BCOMPACT comes in a variety of colors and sizes and is custom made to suit your space.

It is also sustainably sourced from milled bamboo and can easily be replenished, with 15 years of refinement dedicated to the product it has reached a fine standard that is both strong, sustainable and lovely.

Needless to say we were inspired to shout about it when we saw it in action, to find out more contact BCOMPACT


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