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Never have to buy another lettuce

Never want to pay $12 for a lettuce again? Then read on, my friend.

Salad Table is an innovative new product that takes the hard work out of gardening and delivers fresh, healthy home-grown fruit and veggies. Seeds are dropped into channels filled with grow medium and then fed with nutrient on a table that can be set up just about anywhere and with the minimum of fuss. There is a size to fit every household – even a compact tower grower that can be placed on apartment balconies.

Inventor Denis Matthews was working in the Airforce and running a business when he decided to fill his “spare time” by giving hobby farming a go. Each week he would load up his truck with produce and head to the Farmers Markets, but he became disenchanted with the process, knowing that his beautiful fresh food would change hands several times and lose its vitality long before reaching the consumers plate, and at ridiculously jacked up prices.

So, using the principles of farming, Denis invented the Salad Table, a complete growing system that requires a minimum of water and no nasty chemicals. Chuffed with the end product, Denis took the tables to the markets to sell alongside his produce – and they sold like hotcakes!

Anyone can grow their own food using the Salad Table – from the novice gardener to the green thumb. Those that love nothing more than getting their hands dirty are thrilled that they don’t need to break their backs bending to tend to their seedlings – and that there is never a weed in sight! For the novice or the not so enthusiastic gardener the fact that it doesn’t take up too much time is the appeal. And everyone loves the money they save and the fact that they know what has (not been) sprayed on their fruit and veggies. The Salad Table can also be a great family project that brings parents and kids together in a fun activity, often with the result that proud kids eat their veggies without complaint for the first time in their lives.

Denis’ goal in life is to “Create the Farmer in Everyone”. He aims to introduce gardening to as many young people as possible through Salad Table. He believes that giving children ownership from the very start, the planting of the seed, increases their learning on how to grow for themselves.

The Salad Table

Denis believes that anyone can have success with the Salad Table. All it takes is a little bit of trial and error and, if in doubt, referring to Salad Table’s Youtube videos and Instagram, which cover a gamut of topics from recipes for bug killers to assembly instructions for the table. Salad Table even has a Facebook group where growers can ask questions and solve issues they might be having with their grow.

Fruit, vegetables and even vines can be grown in the salad table. Denis loves to see his customers experiment and to receive feedback and photos on their crops. Sometimes he has never heard of the vegetable before! One of the most interesting grows that Denis has seen was pumpkins and watermelons that ended up growing on the ground underneath the Salad Table but still getting their nutrients from the system.

The feedback of Salad Table’s customers speak for themselves. One grower had never been able to grow bok choy, but now has a year round crop. Another has not bought lettuce for a year. More than one happy customer has grown so much produce that they are the most popular resident in their street, giving their excess fruit and veggies to their neighbours.

The Salad Table is the way of the future. Environmentally friendly, it is the perfect solution to rising food prices, lack of land and environmental factors like flooding. The table is already sold throughout Australia – and the next step is the world!

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