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Chandeliers - for every place & every space

Chandeliers are timeless, but modern takes on this classic have inspired a resurgence in this most elegant of light forms being incorporated into homes of all styles.

It is believed that the first hanging candelabras were wooden structures holding candles to light the home. The date of the first candelabra is debatable, but they have long been a symbol of status and wealth, evolving into eye-catching droplets of glass and crystal swirling around a brass frame. With the introduction of electric light, chandeliers were elevated to a new level as designs became more ornate and functionality improved.

Crystal chandeliers are perhaps the most well known variation of this popular form of lighting and the design variations are endless. Typically suspended by a chain, almost any number of arms extend from a brass or glass frame and flame-shaped bulbs are surrounded by strands of glass or crystal. – you’ll be back! Just ask Arnie, who was so impressed with their stunning chandeliers that he visited their Melbourne showroom! Their lighting ranges from very traditional crystal chandeliers to more contemporary designs such as the wave, spiral, ball and cluster collections.

Designer chandelier has a massive range of products that needs to be seen to be believed. If you cannot find the chandelier you want here, you probably can’t find it anywhere! The simple clean lines of the Allure Collection are perfect for modern styling, with metal symmetrical bars wrapping around candle-flame globes atop a crystal base.

The Aurora collection forms rectangular crystals to a range of shapes – halo, rectangular, orb and the traditional chandelier style.

And the Willow Leaf collection features diamond cut clear crystals that are truly reminiscent of the gentle layering of the branches of a tree which can either be suspended from the ceiling with a chain or flush mounted. helps the customer to make the difficult decision about which style will best suit their space with a virtual tour and gallery of installed chandeliers on their site.

Interior designers looking for something really different may have come across Their unique chandeliers are perfectly imperfect, incorporating clay beads lovingly hand rolled by a community of women in Kwazulu Natal, South Africa. The beads come in a range of colours and sizes and the chandeliers are fashioned into a variety styles - modern, boho, Nordic or simply statement lighting fixtures.

One of our favourite Klaylife pieces is the Ornate, which has a classic silhouette, an additional ‘bowl’ at the base with a cluster of intricate bead work, detachable glass ‘crystals’ and double side swags. These elements combine to create a vintage inspired masterpiece, but with the added modern “cool” of clay beads.

Klaylife barrel pendant utilises a simple elegant style that draws the either, whether it be finished with a solid colour or an ombre effect. It can be suspended as a single lamp, or in a cluster for maximum impact. It is perfect for those who don’t have an enormous space but still want pendant lighting that packs a punch.

With chandelier styles suited to any residence or business, this popular lighting style is not going anywhere and will continue to make a statement in many a home * commercial premise.


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