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Sodai Design - Mosaics & grand gestures

Sodai Design. An oriental term that hints at a distant, magical, suggestive world just waiting to be discovered.

In a world of design that sometimes feels muted and safe, Sodai Design an Italian design company with international presence, bringing a richness, a quirkiness, a boldness that cannot be ignored – but which, like an inquisitive child, delights the observer and creates a desire to play in their world.

Sodai Design produces wall coverings that are unapologetically unique, using rich colours and bold designs featuring lions and flowers and ducks and dogs - or is the eye, perhaps, playing tricks?

If you are looking for something truly personal & bold to set your abode apart from others, consider tiles & wallpaper that are more like a stroll through your personal gallery, expressing your style with a grand sweeping gesture.

Sodai’s mosaic range of meticulously designed tiles piece together to form images of

and roses that climb up columns and curve around shower recesses. There is a style to suit every setting, in a range of colours from neutrals to sweet pinks to a rich tapestry of red, gold and blue.

The slab range must be seen to be believed - 18 large tiles pieced together to tell a story, transporting you to an oriental tea room or a tropical forest – look closely enough and you’ll see a chimp swinging between the trees. These textured slabs are pleasing not only to the eye but to the touch, with raised hibiscus flowers contrasted against geometric design to form a stunning backdrop or a playful abstract piece contrasting shards of bright colours against monochromatic curves and lines.

In a triumph of design, Sodai Art has collaborated with Haltadefinizione and recreated Italian masterpieces from the 1400s & expressionist period creating huge installations of artwork that form impressive backdrops at the Milanese Museum. This stunningly whimsical installation sees the rich reds and blues of Raffaello’s Sposalizio della Vergine embracing a unique but nostalgic bathroom exhibition, the austereness of Bellini’s Predica di San Marco in una piazza di Alessandria d’Egitto contrasting with modern and minimalist reception furniture and Caravaggio’s Cena in Emmaus evoking memories of nights spent sipping red wine in the haze of sweet cigar smoke.

Texture, colour and contrast meld together to create spaces so unique and luxurious that one cannot help but want to step in.

Immerse yourself in this display by visiting Sodai Design

by Kate Chapley


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