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Come & explore Aladdin's Cave at Orient House

Shhh, come closer– do you want to hear a secret?

We have just found Aladdin’s cave of treasures & it’s located in Glebe.

Yes, it’s true. Filled with amazing furniture pieces that can transport the warmth & mystique of the orient, straight to your home, no matter the size of your abode.

It's where the designers & decorators in the know, go to furnish clients' homes with beautiful pieces, from hand carved wooden chests, bold but warm timber consoles, to rustic eastern cabinets & more.

If you are looking for a conversation starting Centerpiece, to set the entire feel of your home or looking to achieve an eclectic mix of furnishings, then Orient House is the place to explore.

Perhaps, you’re looking to source an accent piece like the barnacle pot, a driftwood bowl, a stunning large carved round wall panel or the beautiful sounding metal singing bowl or wishing to sprinkle a touch of the genuine orient throughout your home.

Then don’t go past this trusted importers, who have been established since 1997, bringing the world straight to your home.

With two levels of amazing pieces from Thailand, Africa, Burma & more, Orient House offers a mesmerizing selection of truly unique artefact like pieces for the home stylist professional or enthusiast.

With many of the pieces being one offs, make sure Orient House is on your go to list when looking for that something unique.

But do not fear, as the wonder within is replenished on a regular basis & if you enter from the rear lane way, you may be lucky enough to catch the latest shipment being unwrapped.

Orient House - 45 Bridge Road Glebe NSW 2037


Orient House - 45 Bridge Road Glebe NSW 2037


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