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Among The Trees Celebrates World Environment Day & Reflects on A Year of Saving Timber From Landfill

On this year's World Environment Day, Among The Trees, a leading local supplier of reclaimed timber based out of Marrickville, Sydney, is reflecting on its mission to help preserve the environment while providing high-quality timber products. The company recognises that protecting the planet is not an individual's responsibility, but it is still something that everyone can contribute to.

World Environment Day, is observed on June 5th, encourages individuals, organisations, and governments worldwide to take action to protect the planet. Among The Trees is proud to play its part by providing an alternative to new timber products that contribute to deforestation and waste.

bearded man working in a timber shop with long pieces of timber on a table

Reclaimed timber has many benefits, including reducing the amount of timber waste that ends up in landfills, promoting sustainable forest management, and providing an opportunity to utilise rare and unique timber species. In addition, the appearance of reclaimed timber is increasingly sought after, as consumers look for materials that are not only more ethical but tell the story of their history across this continent and beyond.

two women examining timber posts

In its first year of operation, Among The Trees saved an estimated 65 tonnes of timber from landfill, comprising of hardwoods and softwoods from Australian forests and abroad, ethically salvaged from hundreds of different sites including homes, warehouses, universities, and more. The company aims to increase that amount with the help of its customers, students of their hand tool woodworking courses, and the wider community.

"We believe that everyone can make a difference in protecting the environment, and we're proud to contribute in our own way," said Sara Buchner, Marrickville local, and one of four founders of Among The Trees. "Our products offer a sustainable option that allows our customers to build with quality timber while also helping the planet."

timber cutting tools in a workshop on shelves

Among The Trees recognises that while big polluters and global corporations are responsible for the vast majority of climate and environmental damage, our everyday decisions can still play a small part in slowing this change, and encourages everyone to take action to create a more sustainable future.

For more information on Among The Trees and its mission and range of reclaimed timber products, visit, contact 0481358733 or

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