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Baby it's cold outside

Home-owners and property developers no longer need to decide between functional heating or a feature fireplace because now you can have both. Sculpt Fireplace Collection, imports luxury fireboxes designed not only to create that wow factor in your space but to provide heat to the premises. Hand-made in France, Sculpt provides 3 different designer ranges; Seguin fireboxes are made of 100% pure original cast iron, which means the unit holds and retains its structure as there are no air bubbles or warping to create weak points. Axis fireboxes are laser cut and tightly welded to ensure that efficiency is maximized and ducting can be installed to transfer heat to other spaces in the building.

With three brands in its range – Axis, Seguin, and JC BordeletSculpt Fireplace Collection has a fireplace to suit every setting, be it commercial or residential.

Multivision fireplace

The Axis range is functional and efficient, while maintaining an aesthetic that can be incorporated into any space, large or small, modern or from an era past. Single or double sided, the Axis burns wood efficiently to reduce CO2 emissions and to maximise heating capacity. Interlocking refractory bricks mean heat is distributed evenly and that the fireplace has long lasting heating capacity. Axis unit are available in a range of sizes and can be free standing or built in. For those really looking for a contemporary fireplace, the Axis range provide a frameless linear design.

Black fireplace against white brick wall

The Seguin range is innovative with a strong commitment to preserving the environment. Seguin introduced the world’s first four-sided glass wood firebox and developed the double air flow system (DAFS), which makes the unit more efficient and kinder to the environment.

Clean sophisticated lines make this fireplace perfect for any setting, especially the Chemminee style fireplace which is very popular in Australia, fitting perfectly into the current industrial style favoured by many developers.

Sculp Fireplaces - fireplace indoors

JC Bordelet is arguably the jewel in Sculpt’s crown. Award-winning designs by Jean-Claude Bordelet are hand crafted using metal design techniques, and these fireplaces are unapologetically created to demand attention. With a range of 180 colours JC Bordelet fireboxes are suspended from the ceiling, creating a luxury centerpiece in any project. The unit can also be converted to gas for a low maintenance convenient and constant heat.

There are several considerations that need to be taken in to account when incorporating a fireplace into your home or building. An exclusive Sculpt Fireplace Collection stockist can help you find the perfect statement piece that suits your space, factors in your heating requirements and meets engineering standards, which will ensure that your building can carry the weight of the unit. All fireplaces are tested to Australian and New Zealand standards and, best of all, it is likely that your outlet has stock of just the units you want – you could just be warming your feet against your very own feature fireplace before winter ends!

Fireplace with long chimney against a stunning ocean and mountain view through a large window

No longer tucked away in a corner, today’s fireplaces are designed to create a point of interest in any residential or commercial setting.

Fire place in a commercial setting with graffiti behind it

Fireplaces are a truly stunning addition to commercial spaces, be it a restaurant or cocktail lounge, it adds a Wow factor and keeps patrons lingering longer in a welcoming glow

When Darren Palmer from hit reality show, The Block, endorses a home improvement product you know it is good!

There are five ranges of Sculpt Fireplaces so there is sure to be a design that suits your space and style, be it the current trend of a suspended fireplace, a multivision unit (the first four-sided firebox was developed in the Seguin range) or something more unique like a custom design lacquered on the exterior of the unit. And you can install your new unit knowing that as well as installing a mesmerizing wood-fuelled fireplace your home will be heated to perfection at a fraction of the cost of electric and gas fireplaces. And the energy emission of Sculpt fireplaces are less than 1g per kilogram, meaning that your fireplace is kinder to the environment at the same time.

Suspended fireplace in living room

To check out the full range of Sculpt fireboxes and to talk with an expert about how you might feature a stunning full home heating solution in your home find your nearest Sculpt stockist at


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