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Tristan Peirce Landscape Architecture & your totally gorgeous pool, even on difficult terrain..

What does a Western Australian homeowner do, or any home owner in Australia, if their property has a fabulous outdoor area with stunning views that they wish to compliment with a swimming pool but the slope of the land makes adding a pool impossible, or incredibly, incredibly expensive?

They get in touch with Tristan Peirce from Tristan Peirce Landscape Architecture.

Tristan Peirce Landscape Architecture has been in the business for four years, with the company backed by over 20 years’ experience. Tristan himself has an impressive resume of working for commercial and residential landscape architecture organisations but wanting to work for himself, he started Tristan Peirce Landscaping Architecture. On day one of opening its doors, TPLA started on its first design, and have not stopped since.

Unlike many other landscape companies, TPLA focuses purely on design. Tristan is very clear that TPLA’s value is in the creative space – but he does have a little black book full of high-quality trades that he can recommend to his clients to execute his designs.

So, what does a Tristan Peirce Landscape Architecture design look like? That question is impossible to answer, as each design is bespoke and driven by the property owner’s taste, budget and the space.

What is common to every TPLA project is quality and functionality. Tristan is committed to producing landscape plans that makes him proud of each & every job.

So invested is he in making each home’s outdoor area come to life that the design may take up to eight weeks to produce, purely because Tristan likes to meet with the client (either by Zoom or onsite) to talk about what is important to them and how they might envisage the outcome, before starting work on the design. It is not uncommon, once he has put thoughts “to paper”, for Tristan to then put the plans aside for a week or two, to then come back to it and polish the final design with a fresh set of eyes.

What Tristan will present to the client is 3D images of the space, transformed to incorporate his client’s lifestyle and how the space can best be used. Once the design is finalised, Tristan will produce detailed 2D drawings and recommendations for pool and landscaping companies to execute. While TPLA is not actively involved in building the outdoor area, they are on hand to provide the builder with the information they need to complete the job to the highest level of quality.

So, what about that pool? They say a picture says a thousand words and this is very true of a TPLA design. The TPLA website shows examples of how Tristan has worked with the space to introduce a pool that seems to fit seamlessly into its environs. TPLA’s attention to detail is never more valuable than in this area, as elegant and practical pool design and compliance with safety standards are integrated to create a swimming oasis that connects with the landscape.

Tristan considers proportion, fencing requirements, accessibility, and the best placement of pool components (filtration systems, lighting, skimmer boxes and the like) before drawing in the pool, which can be almost any shape and size and can include a spa, pool cover and in-pool seating/ledges.

There is one word that keeps coming up when talking with Tristan from Tristan Peirce Landscape Architecture, and that word is “connection”. Tristan is single-mindedly focused on creating connected outdoor areas – a pool that connects with the alfresco area which connects with the fire pit, and so on and so on.

But most important of all to Tristan is connection with his clients. Tristan is only happy when he has designed a space that incorporates what his client wants and that accommodates their lifestyle into their outdoor area. TPLA’s clients lead busy lifestyles, and they want to come home and relax at the end of the day, and Tristan’s passion is about creating a space in which that can do just that.

Get in touch with Tristan to discuss your

Tristan can design your perfect area anywhere within Australia.


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