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The Funky Furniture Factory launches one of a kind unique Commercial Fibre Furniture

The Funky Furniture Factory, a division of The Duxford Group Pty Ltd, is proud to announce its launch of a unique range of over 300 furniture pieces made from pristine fibreglass.

The company has recently won "The 2023 Australian Enterprise Award” for "The Best Fibreglass Furniture Range in Australia" and is ready to introduce its "Fabulously Unique Furniture" to the market. According to Peter Stewart, CEO of The Funky Furniture Factory.

"The company believes that commercial furniture has become too mundane and is ready to change the game. We have teamed with our supplier to design and manufacture an extensive range of fabulous and sometimes way-out fibreglass furniture. You won't see 98% of our range anywhere else in Australia," says Peter.

Fiberglass furniture that looks like a gigantic film roll

The Funky Furniture Factory offers an extensive range of commercial furniture, including indoor/outdoor benches, bench/planter combinations, single seats, tables, chairs, bar stools, sofas, reception desks, sun lounges, and more.

The company's USP is “Fabulously Unique Furniture”- all its designs are unlike anything seen before in Australia and are only available through The Funky Furniture Store. "Because of the versatility of fibreglass, we can create any shape anybody would ever need," adds Peter. The company's manufacturing partner holds the ISO 9001 TUV quality control system, which means that all products are thoroughly inspected at every point of manufacture and any that are not perfect are rejected.

Fibreglass commercial sun lounge

The company is confident in the quality of its products and offers a five-year manufacturer's warranty to back its range. The company's designs include wild seats like coffee cup seats, candy benches, glasses-shaped benches, ice cream tables and chairs, and headphone seats that are sure to stand out from the crowd plus they can be used both indoors and outdoors. For more information, please visit The Funky Furniture Factory's website at

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