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National Floors is Planting 1 Tree Per Square of flooring that they install

The Sustainability Program was started by National Floors Collaboration with One Tree Planted (Non-Profit Organisation).

National Floors said : "We're committed to sustainability and want to help schools do their part for the environment. For every square of flooring we install in your house, we'll plant one tree in your family\'s name." This not only helps the environment but it also provides a tangible way for Australian homeowners and their children to learn about the importance of sustainability." - National Floors' Team

National Floors are Empowering Australian Homeowners with Exceptional Flooring Solutions and Sustainable Initiatives

National Floors, a leading provider of high-quality flooring solutions in Australia, is proud to announce its remarkable growth and commitment to customer satisfaction, despite the challenges posed by the recent lockdown.

National Floors has experienced continuous expansion, catering to over 2000 homeowners in Victoria alone with a wide range of flooring options including Hybrid, Laminate, Carpet, and Vinyl.

National Floors is now extending its services to the entire Australian market.

National Floors stands out as a reliable and customer-centric flooring supplier, setting new standards in the industry. Understanding the importance of touch and feel when selecting the perfect flooring, National Floors goes the extra mile by offering a unique sample service.

Homeowners across Australia can now enjoy the convenience of receiving five flooring samples directly to their doorsteps, completely free of charge. The samples are thoughtfully packaged to ensure an exceptional unboxing experience, reflecting the company\'s commitment to customer satisfaction.

Blue Box of sample timber flooring pieces

With sustainability at the core of its values, National Floors has taken a significant step towards environmental responsibility. In collaboration with the renowned organization \"One Tree Planted,\" the company has initiated a tree-planting campaign. For every square of flooring installed, National Floors will plant a tree, contributing to the restoration and preservation of Australia\'s natural ecosystems. By integrating sustainability into its business practices, National Floors aims to reduce its carbon footprint and inspire positive change within the industry.

Before & after flooring by National Floors
Before & after flooring by National Floors

National Floors invites homeowners, contractors, and architects from across Australia to explore their extensive range of flooring options and experience the company\'s exceptional service. Whether it\'s for a residential or commercial project, National Floors guarantees top-notch products, expert installation, and a commitment to sustainability.

For more information about National Floors and their range of flooring solutions, please visit or 1300 470 585. About National Floors: " National Floors is a leading provider of high-quality flooring solutions based in Australia. With a diverse range of products including Hybrid, Laminate, Carpet, and Vinyl, the company is dedicated to offering exceptional service, expert installation, and sustainable initiatives. "

"Serving homeowners, contractors, and architects nationwide, National Floors is committed to delivering customer satisfaction and contributing to a greener future."

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