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One Contract Property & building with your Super Fund - the power of choice

For a long time, Australians have grown up thinking that the payment to their super fund is just a mysterious deduction that happens weekly from ones’ wages, and it will provide an abundance of golden eggs in retirement.

With trust in our hearts & belief in the world of shares, we sat in hope for better days.

Then came the GFC (Global Financial Crisis) that shifted people’s confidence, and many started to establish their own SMSF (Self-Managed Super Fund) whilst still slightly baffled but with assistance from their accountant & financial advisor, they grabbed the bull by the horn & took control.

Now one company in Australia is providing even more control for people wishing to take charge & truly look after their own future.

We sat down and spoke to Raymond of One Contract Property to find out more.

One Contract Property director, Raymond, comes from a strong accountancy background, having been with a chartered accountancy firm at the start of his career, then moving onto a financial capacity role with an Australian Chinese joint venture textiles company. Followed by bookkeeping & accounting, he saw a gap in the Super investment horizon, that could do with a helping hand.

mans hands handing over a glass jar of Australian bank notes & coins

One Contract Property, wanted to provide even more choice for people with their super investment & we all know choice means power. We also know that when it comes to ones retirement it can never be too early to put that 10.5% deduction from ones wages to work.

Launched in Nov 2020, One Contract Property, is one of the only companies in Australia that assist SMSF to build anything, anywhere within Australia.

The only company that offers the level of choice for one to take your SMSF and choose a block of land anywhere & build on it.

True, there are pockets of builders that have assisted with SMSF buying property within their developments & assisted with a single part contract, to satisfy the regulations, so that SMSF can invest in new builds, but those investments have limitations & lack choice.

Whilst the builders may benefit from selling their project, the new build may not necessarily be the best Super investment for your fund.

It may not be providing the best long-term growth; it may not be providing the best return; it may not even be in the area that you wish your investment to be in.

Imagine you have found the dream location for your retirement property, or an NDIS investment that would provide an amazing long-term return, or a co-living set up you wish to build, or you may be an everyday family with non – stop bills & rent but wish to one day retire or own investment property of your choice.

Now you can, with your super money & One Contract Property, and have the choice of what you will build & where you will build.

man on a ladder fixing a timber frame of a house interior

It’s imperative to have good information & the right answers when planning but often one doesn’t know the right questions to ask.

With Raymonds’ 35 years plus, experience in real estate, accountancy & business, he has a wealth of knowledge to share & will guide you through the questions that should be asked of your accountant & financial advisor, when looking at super & tax implications & aiming for direction to formulate a successful retirement landscape.

To negate the risk that One Contract Property carries on each project, they have opted for an initial deposit of 35% from the Super fund and they fund the 65% during the build process.

The 65% construction finance is provided to One Contract Property by a tier two lender. At settlement this can be rolled over into long term funding if the Super fund requires. The rollover of this funding can be up to an LVR to 80 %, of certain projects. With an 80% lend, some cash will be freed up within the Super Fund for further development or alternate investments.

For example, you’ve found your land & your builder, under a two-part contract, now thanks to One Contract Property you can turn it around & invest with you SMSF, under one contract.

One Contract Property will take the land value, build price and their fee of $ 10,000 plus gst, plus holding costs, such as interest, land tax, rates, insurances etc & convert that into a total price. That becomes the total contract price, in one contract.

An elderly couple discussing a contract/ document

One Contract Property buys the land & engages the builder at the price arranged, then takes up all the conditions, at the same time the Super signs single contract & pays the 35% deposit

One Contract Property pays the builders deposit and pays all progress payments & provides a formal letter to show the funds are available.

As the construction goes on, One Contract Property has their inspector check the building at various stages prior to releasing any progress payments, checking that the project is on schedule, protecting both their interest & yours. One Contract Property has inspectors all over Australia & their services are included in the arrangements.

On completion of the project, settlement takes place with one contract & the Super Fund becomes the owner of the build.

Recently a client of a financial advisor was about to purchase a single investment using his total fund of $ 864,000, however as luck would have it, his financial advisor heard about the One Contract Property option and advised on it. So that SMSF owner was able to buy 3 properties instead of just one.

Imagine receiving 3 or 4 times the income, potentially tax free, if you had 4 properties as opposed to 1, or several strategic builds or high cash flow investments.

Now is also a great time to invest in NDIS products & build your own. If it has the correct participants, you can make a great return from it, Raymond refers to this as the “Karma Investment”. You do something good for the community & it returns the favour with terrific returns, potentially as much as 8 to 10%, month in month out.

Financial advisors are now seeing the light with the product from One Contract Property, as it allows investors to have an alternative from the usual strata investments or traditional property trusts.

Trusts that are at arms’ length or strata style properties that will age & rely on costly maintenance, where investors will have limited control over expenditure.

Now SMSF owners can see the actual product they invest in and deal with a new brick & mortar building of their choice, proving greater control over their asset & plans for retirement.

Australia has over 500,000 SMSF, with a continued growth of an average of 600 super funds being set up each week.

The number of SMSF has increased in the past several years & when looking at recent increases in Superannuation set ups and direct real estate investment, the correlation between the numbers is astonishingly similar.

Don’t make any further decisions with your SMSF or indeed your Super fund without discussing your choices first, speak to your financial advisor or contact One Contract Property.

Remember, many people, would have, could have, should have. If only they had all the right information & choice….

If you are interested in finding out more, contact One Contract Property to ask questions, arrange a webinar or check the website for seminars that are held all throughout Australia.


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