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Great returns on investment, that make a real difference

If a disabled individual that is too young for aged care and not in need of hospitalisation might be feeling let down. Perhaps a private residence with mobility aids and a carer may be just what the doctor ordered.

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) offers welfare support to people under 65 living with a disability. The Specialist Disability Accommodation program is in place to establish a home and deservedly a quality of life.

Mountain Assets works with developers regarding NDIS purpose built housing and apartment complexes incorporating living areas and carers quarters. The residential design can cater for residents with a mild disability up to what can be described as specifically severe mobility issues.

Created in 2013 Sydney based Mountain Assets current projects include Midlands in Perth, Western Australia and Gympie in Queensland. A future project is in Moe, Victoria to be delivered in the next ten years. Onwards and upwards it seems.

The private investor funds the ‘House and Land’ construction package, but it is the government that funds the disabled individual, evaluated on the severity of the disability. The emphasis is on the residents to be ineligible for aged care where possibly too young and not requiring continued hospitalisation. This is where the investment partners come in to cater for those who can live in a self contained and well-equipped environment.

The NDIS candidates, who have severe mobility concerns and require purpose-built accommodation, will undoubtedly be providing the residents with a greater quality of life. A high physical support apartment is constructed to the highest level of stipulation under the NDIS act. In terms of an investment these are more costly to build, as they attract a higher level of funding under the NDIS act.

Everything is built to comply with an NDIS audit. Physical support apartments have lifts and hoists, overnight carer’s quarters and full voice activation. There are also commercial kitchens for the carer’s to make the residents meals in.

The investors are offered a fixed-year contract automatically paid a passive income like a bank. The money goes in and the developer gets paid an interest rate return every month. The community benefits in a number of ways welcoming people with disabilities into the community instead of isolating them.

The NDIS program encourages disabled people to interact with the community instead of being institutionalised. Mountain Assets take notice of people’s needs as where one of the participants requested a veggie garden therefore it was created. A BBQ area was established in a community area where residents can have family members come to visit. In shared common areas and media rooms the residents can watch a movie together and share the experience. For those who require assistance in visiting local shops and restaurants they will have their carer’s to assist.

Large living room that allows for movement
Spacious interiors and fitouts specially designed to suit

Is the local area any better off? Everybody benefits from a state of the art community project that will suit the suburban landscape. Mountain Assets engage in sympathetic construction in a quiet suburban environment.

The general public needs to be made aware of NDIS projects and what they stand for as where they might think it will impact the district. The lack of understanding shouldn’t be a challenge and an explanation of the size of the project and how it will be beneficial to the infrastructure should be explained for now and in the future.

Mountain Assets have been approached by family members of a disabled person regarding how these properties will be a benefit. The families live close-by as where a hospital or nursing home may not be so easily accessible making this a bonus for visits.

So what is the advantage to the investor? This is a Unit Trust type of investment where a core of investors are all together providing enough money for the development build instead of buying an individual apartment. The investors benefit is that they can start with an amount of one hundred thousand dollars.

Investment opportunities from Mountain Assets - source Mountain Assets website

source Mountain Assets website

The developer enters a ten year lease over the entire project not just the individual apartments which in turn locks-in the funding from the government. That is the added security of these investments and a self made superfund is created.

This is a proficient way to enter the property market with returns backed by the government.

Investing in a good cause is a gratification in itself.

To find out more contact Mountain Assets direct


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