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Trailer Rental Services for Your Needs - what a good idea

Hire My Trailer proudly announces significant milestones and the vision behind its innovative platform connecting trailer owners with renters. Founder Mr. Milillo shared insights into the success of the only Australian owned and operated Trailer Sharing Community Platform providing Web and Mobile App abilities in its mission to revolutionize the trailer rental industry.

Mr. Milillo revealed that the Hire My Trailer platform, which is accessible on Browser and dedicated Android and iOS platforms, has experienced substantial growth with over 2000 visitors monthly and a user base of over 8000 individuals nationwide and an impressive fleet of 750 trailers available for hire, including 100 in the Sydney region alone.

The inspiration for Hire My Trailer came from a simple observation, as Mr. Milillo explained, "Hire My Trailer was born from the observation that just about every street in Australia has at least one house with a trailer sitting idle in the yard or carport." He highlighted the contrast between underused trailers and people resorting to expensive short-term hire processes for tasks like transporting rubbish to the dump.

A ute with a trailer at the back

Mr. Milillo emphasised that Hire My Trailer provides a cost-effective solution for individuals to rent trailers while simultaneously offering owners the opportunity to offset ownership costs. He provided a compelling example, stating, "It costs $250 to hire a medium-box trailer through Hire My Trailer for seven days. That compares to close to $400 if it is done via UHAUL. That is a big saving for consumers."

The efficiency and simplicity of the Hire My Trailer process were underscored by Mr. Milillo. He noted, "The other advantage is the simplicity of the hire process. It is such a long process when you are signing paper contracts at Bunnings or another provider. What we have done is automate the entire rental process."

As Hire My Trailer continues to make waves in the trailer rental market, Mr. Milillo expressed gratitude to the growing community of users and encouraged individuals to experience the convenience and savings the platform offers.

Ready to embark on a seamless trailer rental journey? Waste no time! Register now at and experience the game-changing world of Hire My Trailer.

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