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Looking for an attractive Solar Panel, then Bingo !

Have you been thinking of installing a solar panel or two or more?

Maybe around your pool as part of the fence or on your next commercial project to make it stand apart.

Love the idea of saving on power bills or making that NDIS development more power efficient.

Or you wish that more of your home or building could utilize the power of solar but not be so unsightly.

Bingo, we have found the answer.

We spoke to the director of Alpha Solar Tech, Prof. Kamal Alamh, who is a world – renowned expert in optics and Nano Photonics, having worked as a Professor in the World Class University (WCU) Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology (GIST), Korea. He is currently Adjunct Professor with ECU and GIST Korea as well as holding the position as lifetime quest Professor with Southeast University in Nanjing, China.

We discovered that the choices are amazing and cater for a variety of finishes. Panels can be placed on the roof and be colour matched to your existing roof, whether it be slate or tile. The panels can also form part of the outside of the building with tile look finishes or even imitate the constitution of marble.

Photo credit: Alpha Solar Tech

The Photovoltaic modules can be printed to mimic a variety of traditional building materials such as wood, brick and marbling or even feature your company logo.

The panels incorporate High - Efficiency Mono – Crystalline Si cells along with laminated glass and a framework that embeds the connections, which are not be visible after installation.

If you are looking to set your next development apart from others, or just seeking to incorporate Solar panels into your next upgrade, these panels will benefit the home not only aesthetically but in a practical way & come with a Lifetime Warranty. The uses are so varied and the design finishes are vast.

For further details contact Alpha Solar Tech panels


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