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Japans' Bubble 90 - installed at Sydneys Flemington Markets

Tokyo, JAPAN—Bubble90, an extreme water-saving nozzle that saves up to 90% water and is widely used in Japan’s biggest restaurant, supermarket and hotel chains, has been installed at Sydney’s Flemington Markets, creating a remarkable environmental and economic impact.

“We had huge water usage at Sydney Markets in Flemington and could not find a suitable solution to reduce this and save costs. We came across Bubble90 and have installed it on 20 of our faucets. This has helped us save $10k in water and achieve our sustainability KPI's,” said Con Kapellos, the Sustainability Manager of Sydney Markets.

Bubble 90 from Japan a silver tap for water

The reason Sydney's largest fish market choose Bubble90 lies in its proprietary Pulsation Flow technology. Patented across 17 countries, Pulsation Flow not only saves by up to 90% water per faucet but also improves cleaning power and operational efficiency at the same time.

DG TAKANO is not the first company to invent Pulsation Flow—the same technology was already in use by the global semiconductor industry, where it reduces the amount of purified water needed for operations and at the same time improves cleaning performance. What’s unique about Bubble90, however, is that whereas semiconductor manufacturers have to rely on electric generators to create Pulsation Flow, Bubble90 achieves the same effect without electricity, through pure manufacturing excellence and micron-level precision. Bubble90 requires no power and no complex setup, transforming the water flow and cutting water costs as soon as it’s connected to a tap. “It’s a very precise, very sophisticated technology, but packaged in an extremely user-friendly design.” said Aleksandar Naydenov, Global Sales & Marketing at DG TAKANO.

Bubble 90 Tap

Bubble90 is the only water-saving solution of its kind that directly improves operational efficiency in high-speed, high-demand business environments. Retrofitting seamlessly onto almost any tap, Bubble90 is trusted by over 38,000 leading restaurant, hotel and supermarket chains, as well as factories, large hospitals, national infrastructure projects such as nuclear power plants, and even Japan's Armed Forces, JSDF.

The concept behind Bubble90 is intended to empower its users to do more with less:

· achieves better cleaning power than a regular tap with only 1/10 the flow rate

· eliminates spillage and makes every drop count

· built to last up to 5 years, performing efficiently with heavy-duty intensive usage

· easy to maintain, requiring users to simply pull down the grip of the nozzle and let water run through it once a week

Bubble90 models are always customized to the client’s unique plumbing configuration, ensuring the optimal water pressure, power and savings ratio for every faucet.

Bubble 90 Japanese tap mechanism

DG TAKANO states that its products allowed for over 26 million cubic meters of water to be saved—almost as much as the population of Osaka City uses in a month—and over 6 million kilos of CO2 to be reduced every year. “Every drop of water requires power and resources to clean, pump and heat. By helping our customers use less water, we help save CO2 as well,” DG TAKANO’s representative added.


DG TAKANO is a Japanese company that makes sustainability profitable for people and businesses alike, by reducing the environmental impact of day-to-day activities. More details about the company and their product: &

courtesy of DG TAKANO Co. Ltd.


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