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Lendlease Figtree Hill - was a great choice indeed

A lucky buyer at Lendlease’s Figtree Hill residential community in Campbelltown, Suman, was recently announced as the winner of its $50,000 cash giveaway!

Suman said their family had been searching for a suitable community to build within for over a year, and upon discovering Figtree Hill, they found it ticked all their boxes.

“One of my friends recommended Figtree Hill as they said Lendlease has a great reputation and are easy to work with,” Suman said.

A woman reaching into a large container to draw a prize wining yellow ball

“The $5k deposit also helped make it easier for us to secure a lot. We are very excited to purchase land in the growth areas of Sydney in the Southwest with Badgerys Creek airport, it's close to all shops, has easy access to Sydney and the area is not congested with traffic.

“We love driving down Appin Rd and enjoying the lush green views.”

The family, who currently live in Wollongong, now have 50,000 more reasons why they love the emerging Figtree Hill community.

Two people who have won a cash prize

“Winning means the world to me,” Suman said. “I never win any prizes, so I was very surprised! I am very excited for my daughters to be moving into this beautiful new community and being so close to Sydney.”

Courtesy of Lendlease


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