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Sureen Gouws, an artist based in Brisbane, Australia, unveils 'Infinite Hope' -

A compelling artwork aimed at inspiring and increasing awareness about Endometriosis. Sureens' art emerged as a sanctuary from burnout and anxiety, with a mission to spread positivity and offer moments of calm and inspiration.

Drawing on her architectural background, Sureens' sculptural relief art merges clean lines with textured elements, creating a minimalist aesthetic that aims to provide a personal sanctuary of balance and tranquillity in our fast-paced world. Her work is deeply influenced by circle shapes, embodying a zen, meditative philosophy that captures the essence of flowing energy and wholeness.

Infinite Hope by Sureen Gouws

'Infinite Hope' is an intricate creation inspired by the QENDO logo, fusing the infinity symbol with the concept of women\'s health. It serves as a symbol of the indomitable human spirit, representing endless strength and powerful feminine energy. The repeated motif signifies growth and transformation, akin to delicate flower petals or butterfly wings. The encompassing circle, an ancient symbol of wholeness and unity, reinforces the collective power of women. 'Infinite Hope' stands as a beacon of unity and strength.

Endometriosis affects over 830,000 Australian women, or 1 in 7 according to the latest research. Many, like Sureen, face this battle in their teenage years, enduring a myriad of symptoms that often contribute to an agonizing delay (6.5 years on average) before receiving a diagnosis. This condition is widely misunderstood, underscoring the urgent need for greater awareness and support.

To launch this ongoing awareness campaign, Sureen is hosting a giveaway of the original 'Infinite Hope' wall sculpture valued at $1100 (closing October 31st), preceding the official 'Infinite Hope' Art print launch on November 1st.

Sureen is dedicated to collective action, committing to donate 10% of every 'Infinite Hope' Wall sculpture and Art print sold to Endometriosis Australia and QENDO. Your purchase not only adds beauty to your life but also contributes to a brighter future for those affected by Endometriosis.

Help share the message and contribute to raising awareness. 'Infinite Hope is not just art; it's a reminder of strength and boundless hope within each of us. It\'s also a meaningful gift to inspire and uplift loved ones.

For more information about 'Infinite Hope', visit

Infinite Hope

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