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Vista Power Technologies - EV chargers & more

Needed a cup of tea and a good lie down after receiving your last electricity bill? Maybe it’s time to check out Vista Power Technologies!

Vista Power Technologies are experts in reviewing energy usage and offering solutions to reduce consumption, implement smart control for optimised use of renewable energy sources – and reduce power shock!

Why are sustainable features becoming so popular with home buyers?

With electricity prices on the rise home buyers are increasingly aware of both the environmental and cost savings that a sustainable home can bring. Residential developers around Australia are capitalising on the demand for smarter, more sustainable homes – and they’re using one neat little box to achieve both. Energy efficient homes can fetch higher prices: around 2.4% or 9.4% higher respectively for a six- or seven-star rated home, compared to a three-star home. Smappee EV Wall combines EV charging and energy monitoring capabilities in one sleek yet richly-featured system. It’s proving an ideal option for freestanding homes and multi-unit developments alike.

With the popularity of electric cars, such as Tesla, Vista Power Technologies is fast become a brand to turn to – they offer various car chargers that are suitable for apartment buildings & homes alike not to mention commercial business that have been installing them & offering free charging to customers.

car hooked up to electrical car charger

So, what are these solutions and which one is best for me?

Home owners and small business can install a Smappee EV Wall, an all-in-one system that monitors energy usage and uses artificial intelligence to optimise the personal use of solar power, rather than feeding it back into the grid.

Larger business can combine the EV Wall Business with the Smappee Infinity system to enable load management across many chargers, allowing business owners to stay below a certain power level, or to only use spare solar power.

There is also the EV Base, a base mounted charger with the option for dual outputs (up to 2x22 kW).

Vista Technology Solutions will also be releasing a range of low-capacity DC chargers soon (30-90kW).

Sounds great … I think. But what does that all mean?

The short answer is – more control over how you use renewable energy. But for the curious, here’s the long answer. Smappee products provide home owners and business managers with the ability to:

· Vary the speed of charging via the app.

· Program the battery to charge only with surplus solar energy.

· Choose the amount of charge to be added to the vehicle by a certain time via Smart schedules. By leveraging cloud computing and machine learning the Smappee charger develops a consumption and production forecast for the household, pulls data from a weather database, and factors in electricity tariffs to charge the vehicle as cheaply and greenly as possible by the chosen time.

So, what happens on a rainy day?

Just like rising electricity prices, rain is unavoidable. On days where there’s not much sun around, more energy will be extracted from the grid. But remember, Vista Power Technologies and Smappee products are all about maximizing your efficiency. So when it’s rainy, you have the option either to draw from the grid or to reduce your charge on that day.

I live in a block of units. Would all residents have to pay the same amount?

Remember, Vista Power Technologies is all about control. Where power is supplied to a strata, Smappee products can track charging sessions to determine how much each user needs to pay. The chargers can even be connected to a CPO service like ChargeFox or SmartCharge so that billing is automated.

Many developers now realize that that it will soon become the normal to include electric car chargers in their developments & not only that but will make a true point of difference for many buyers.

electric car

What’s coming up in the future

Battery prioritization is being released in October. Users will have the control to charge their home battery first, and then not draw from the home battery until a set time.

Governments are also jumping onboard & offering grants, such as the NSW $20 million to co-fund purchase & installation of EV chargers to eligible regional NSW destinations.

If you are an electrician upskilling in the installation of EV chargers is a must, as there will be many installations of chargers to come as Australia embraces electric vehicles.

I’m convinced! So, what’s next?

Vista Power Technologies can supply and install your Smappee EV system, or they can work with your electrician to manage the installation. They supply chargers to every state and territory in Australia. They’re always on hand to provide advice and guide your sparkie! In addition, Smappee offers training materials and example installation videos on their website and YouTube.

Get in touch with Vista Power Technologies to talk about the best system for your needs, and to ask about grants that may be available to help you on your way.

by Kate Chapley


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