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Interiors with attitude & Ana Casagrande

Home is where the heart is, so it could not be more appropriate that Ana Casagrande, Owner of Attitude Designs, signs off her emails with a heart.

Hailing from Brazil, Ana has an impressive list of qualifications from architecture and interior design through to marketing to feng shui and enneagram. These seemingly unrelated disciplines meld together beautifully to create homes that are tranquil and unique – a welcoming space for occupants to feel safe and happy in. Ana’s goal is to create a place of refuge, a special place to sink into and to express one’s individuality.

Having worked in Brazil, the US, Portugal and now Australia, and for companies such as Domain, Ana brings a wealth of experience, product knowledge and style to each project. Homeowners work with Ana in the way that suits them best, tapping into her creativity either in person or virtually via the Attitude Designs’ virtual staging program.

The process of virtual staging starts with an online survey that reveals the user’s design personality and provision of a floor plan. Homeowners then receive a host of tools to help them decide how to style their rooms. They may choose to be guided by the mood board and colour scheme suggested by Ana, or they may go the whole nine yards and style their home exactly to the photos or video provided via the virtual staging program. Ana also gives design tips to explain why she has selected certain pieces, as well as information about where they can be bought. Ana even offers a shopping day, accompanying her clients to stores she knows have just the right items that will work together to make their house a home.

Just one look at the Attitude Designs website is proof enough that the personality of Ana’s clients is always at the heart of every project. Just recently, Ana completed a project (and potentially saved a marriage!) that was tricky as the husband and wife could not agree on the style for their home. With patience and care, Ana worked with the couple to create the home of BOTH their dreams.

Industrial apartment

Whether the aim is to create a space to relax into at the end of the day, to increase the sale price of a home for sale, or even to increase your property’s profile on Air BnB, Attitude Designs work to style and budget and consistently receive five-star reviews.

Keen to style your own home but just not sure if you have the right idea or you would like some guidance? Attitude Design’s interior design course may be a better option for you. Completed online from the comfort of your home in just six weeks you’ll learn about styles and market trends, how to use colour, measuring and how to use space to achieve the look you want with the budget you have.

The Attitude Designs interior design process is unique in many ways, but particularly as it allows the client to decide how much involvement they would like to have. Homeowners can take a totally trusting hands off approach or, if they have ideas or simply want to learn more about designing their own space, they can work collaboratively with Ana to come to the final design or even participate in Ana’s design course.

To discuss how you would like to style your home, contact Ana at


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