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Financial Sector Shift: Traditional University Degrees Give Way to Practical Skills and Diversity

Recent trends in the #financial industry highlight a pivot from traditional hiring norms. Leading banks, including Macquarie Group, are increasingly placing a premium on practical, real-world skills, over traditional university degrees.

Macquarie\'s updated hiring perspective is not just limited to academic credentials. The #bank\'s focus is also expanding to capture a broader and more diverse talent pool. Shemara Wikramanayake, Macquarie Group CEO, emphasises the importance of reflecting community diversity within their workforce. \"Our workforce should mirror the communities in which we operate,\" she comments.

As these industry changes unfold, the Financial Markets Institute of Australia (FMI) has responded with a tailored qualification that fills the void and teaches the practical skills and knowledge that leading employers value: their Diploma of Company Analysis and Portfolio Management.

Paul Nojin, spokesperson for FMI, comments,

"The world has changed. University degrees are no longer a focus for leading employers. They want real-world skills and knowledge instead. They want people who are already well trained, not people they have to train from scratch."

He adds, "Our Diploma meets this requirement. Over the six months of our Diploma, students not only learn what they need to know, they also apply that knowledge to the current market. That is one key to the success of our training.”

“FMI is also opening doors for people who have not previously had these opportunities, for any number of potential reasons. With our online approach, in an environment supportive of all students, we are aligning with forward-thinking banks like Macquarie.\"

FMI\'s Diploma taps into the heart of the latest industry evolution, offering its graduates a distinct edge and a head start in the competitive financial landscape.

FMI accepts students over 17 years of age. Our Diploma suits anyone wishing to gain entry level employment in the financial markets as an analyst or trainee investment manager. It is also suitable for accountants, brokers, and financial planners who wish to upgrade their skills.

About Financial Markets Institute of Australia (FMI) FMI, an Australian VET accredited Registered Training Organisation (RTO 45709), is proud to offer Australia’s ONLY government accredited training in company analysis, quantitative analysis, economic analysis, and portfolio management. Our online Diploma of Company Analysis and Portfolio Management (NAT110099) is revolutionising higher education with an immersive and accelerated program over 6 months, and a practical, real-world curriculum.

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