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Everyone hates it, some of us have it & no one wants it

It's that time of the year and with all the moisture in the air - it really is just so rare if you have not seen this unwelcome visitor somewhere in your home, yes its mould.

What is mould ? It's a type of fungus that loves warm moist conditions and thrives in dark & poorly ventilated areas, such as kitchens, bedrooms, basements & bathrooms.

Mould on ceiling after leak penetration through cracked roof tiles

There are few basic ways to prevent this dreaded little pest from becoming your unwanted tenant:

- open your home up to fresh air & sunlight, lots of sunlight, yes it may be a bit chilly at times but its better than letting the mould grow

- if you have exhaust fans installed, use them

- wipe of all residue moisture and soap & dust from all surfaces - mould loves to mingle and stick

- if you are stepping in from the rain, make sure you dry your clothes prior to placing them in the wardrobe

- and whilst its pricey - its worth it, use moisture absorbent granules in cupboards

- use dehumidifiers - there are several sizes available and you can move them from room to room, even if you only chose a small one

- if you have a lot of tropical plants that give of moisture - move them to a suitable room and use succulents instead, succulents, as the name implies, suck up moisture from the air and will help eliminate some of the damp in the air

- check if you have leaking pipes or a leaking roof , it could be the source of nasty black mould

- but when its raining and its damp outside, then you can close the windows, after all you don' want to let in more moisture

close up of a planter box with succulents
Succulent plants absorb moisture

So remember to alleviate & ventilate.

How do you remove mould ?

Quickly, remove it as soon as you see it. If left for longer it tends grow and multiply and becomes harder to remove.

You can use store bought chemical mixes or if you are opting for something more friendly you can use very hot water, mild detergents and white vinegar.

Make sure you wear gloves and protect your eyes & ventilate the area that you are in, especially if you have opted for using the stronger store bought products.


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