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Body Mind Life Offers Co-Ownership of Wellness Centres for $2,500

Body Mind Life, a renowned wellness brand dedicated to holistic health and fitness, is excited to announce a unique opportunity for individuals to become co-owners of their wellness centres. Through a partnership with the innovative real estate platform, Bricklet (Venture of Lakeba), interested individuals can now co-own a Body Mind Life wellness centre for just $2,500.

The first locations for the co-owned wellness centres are set to be established in Kirrawee NSW, Manly NSW, and Ballina NSW, providing residents of these communities with a local hub for their well-being needs. This groundbreaking initiative aims to bring the benefits of community ownership to the wellness industry, creating spaces that prioritize accessibility, inclusivity, and shared responsibility.

According to the CEO of Body Mind Life, Phil Goodwin, "We are thrilled to offer this exciting opportunity for individuals to become co-owners of our wellness centres. By opening up co-ownership to our community, we aim to create a more inclusive and sustainable model, where our members have a direct stake in the success of our centres. We believe that this collaborative approach will not only benefit our members but also foster a deeper sense of belonging and connection within our community."

Through the Bricklet marketplace, interested individuals can purchase a co-ownership stake in a Body Mind Life wellness centre for $2,500. This innovative real estate platform allows people to purchase individual "bricklets" providing co-ownership of property, making it accessible and affordable for a wider range of individuals to become co-owners.

The Chairman of Bricklet, Giuseppe Porcelli, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, "The partnership between Body Mind Life and Bricklet is a remarkable example of community asset ownership. By offering co-ownership of wellness centres, we are empowering individuals to actively participate in shaping their well-being environment. This is a fantastic opportunity for community members to purchase a space that directly contributes to their health and happiness."

Bricklet’s CEO, Darren Younger, echoed this sentiment, saying, "We are proud to support the Body Mind Life initiative, as it exemplifies the power of community ownership. By enabling this opportunity to co-own wellness centres, we see Body Mind Life are not only fostering a sense of community but also promoting sustainability and shared responsibility. This partnership is an inspiring step towards creating a more equitable and inclusive society."

About Body Mind Life

Body Mind Life is a leading wellness brand dedicated to creating holistic health and fitness experiences. With a focus on yoga, Pilates, and meditation, Body Mind Life offers a range of classes, workshops, and events to support physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

About Bricklet

Bricklet is an innovative real estate platform that enables individuals to invest in property by purchasing "bricks" or shares of a property. By dividing properties into affordable shares, Bricklet makes property ownership accessible to a broader range of individuals.

How Bricklet works

Bricklet provides the platform that enables property funds such as DigitalX to finance the deposit on a home purchase and receive an equity stake aligned to their contribution. The buyer makes mortgage repayments, in addition to paying an occupancy fee to the investor as part owner of the property. At any time, the homeowner can buy out the investor portion of the equity, or the homeowner can choose to sell the property.

Bricklet’s equity share program is a co-ownership solution that allows people to purchase their own home, with a deposit of as little as $20,000. Bricklet breaks property into smaller pieces to enable everyone to buy into Australia’s housing market.

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