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Blue Mountains Lavender wins an industry association award

Blue Mountains Lavender wins an industry association award for its essential oil against a field of national and international entrants

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The Australian Lavender Growers’ Association Olfactory Oil Competition award winners were announced at their recent conference held at the Carrington Hotel, Katoomba.

Blue Mountains Lavender won the prestigious Lavandula Triploid category for their cultivar ‘Riverina Alan’ essential oil grown and distilled on their 25-acre Little Hartley property.

Man and woman in lavender field, woman is seated and is holding a basket of lavenders

Blue Mountains Lavender founder and owner Louise Bickerton says, "I am proud of our achievements since planting lavender in 2018. We were competing against some of Australia\'s most experienced lavender oil distillers and entries from New Zealand and the USA. So to know that we are distilling fragrant lavender essential oil is satisfying. This essential oil is key to our body care and lifestyle product range."

man in a hat in a distillery room with a holding a large container with lavender in it

Louise’s husband, Bruce Bickerton, is the distiller and adds, “Louise and I enjoy the challenge of producing a high-quality oil for our products. We believe the soil and high-altitude climate in the Blue Mountains is just as important for success as the skill of timing our harvest, the copper material of our distillation still, and then controlling the temperature and the length of the distillation process.

The Australian Lavender Growers’ Association provides great resources and a supportive member network to help us produce such a pleasing essential oil.”

The first lavender tube stock varieties went into the ground of the Blue Mountains Lavender Farm at Little Hartley in November 2018.

The farm now grows three cultivars of L. angustifolia (English lavender) and five varieties of L. intermedia and triploids which are harvested for distillation into essential oil and dried for culinary and craft uses.

Blue Mountains Lavender produces high-quality artisan products in body care, sleep aid and lifestyle ranges. All products are made and packaged at the farm.

To learn more, purchase products, become a stockist, or register for notification of upcoming farm tours, visit

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